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Contemporary Worship

The Journey - Sundays, 9:45 am

Welcome to The Journey, a contemporary worship experience at Acton United Methodist Church.

As we gather together at the beginning of worship, our pastors offer a warm welcome and one of our worship bands explodes into a song of high-energy praise. As the beat reverberates within us, we enthusiastically submit our individual voice to that corporate multitude, truly making a joyful noise. As the music ends, the worship continues through the pastoral prayer and the corporate recitation of the Lord's Prayer. The children are then invited forward for their own special message from a pastor or member of the Children's Team and they depart to children's church and we give back to God. Now that we have prepared our hearts with song, prayer, and giving, we are ready to receive God's word for us. As the sermon ends, we are invited to the altar of prayer for a time of meditation and devotion to God. Finally, our band swells into one last song and one of our pastors prays for us and sends us out into the world.

Each week, The Journey is led by one of our 5 worship leaders under the direction of Joe Noelliste, our Music Director. 

1st Sunday of the Month: The Journey Band and Praise Team

2nd Sunday of the Month: Light’s Paradise alternating with Alatha Swain

3rd Sunday of the Month: Love Never Fails Music alternating with Jordan Whitmore

4th Sunday of the Month: The Journey Band

5th Sunday of the Month: Atomic Apostle

The band:

The Journey Band is where talented, volunteer musicians, singers and songwriters use their musical gifts to lead the congregation in contemporary worship.  If you are interested in being involved in The Journey please contact the church at (817) 326-4242.