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What is a United Methodist?

United Methodists are faithful. United Methodists are biblical. United Methodists are joyful. And United Methodists care deeply for their neighbors and for the world around them.

Methodists trace their roots all the way back to John Wesley and the church that emerged out of his efforts to revive the Church of England in the early 18th century. Eleven million members strong, the United Methodist Church still holds to an emphasis on grace, holiness, and disciplined Christian living. Because of what God has done for us, we offer our lives back to God through service, through discipleship, and through love. Remembering Wesley’s idea that there was “no religion but social religion” and “no holiness but social holiness,” United Methodists daily take their energy and devotion out beyond the walls of the church and seek to be instruments of grace, healing, and hope in the communities in which they live.

United Methodists sing, pray, and worship together. United Methodists think and let think. United Methodists believe in the God who creates, the Christ who saves, and the Spirit that is our advocate. United Methodists believe in the Bible as the primary authority for faith and practice, carefully studying God’s word even as they carefully study the conditions of the world around them. And United Methodists work to be a part of the transformation of that world by inviting others to know and follow the life-changing ways of Jesus.

There’s a place for you to love, serve, heal, lead, learn, and grow at the Acton United Methodist Church!

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